Association of Chefs from Mediterranean and European Regions came up with entertaining and educational concept of amateur cooking. With one-day theme classes you will have an opportunity to discover and improve your culinary talent.

If you believe that your cooking skill lies behind your love for gastronomy, one-day cooking classes in ACMER will reveal many culinary secrets, and teach you how to cook dishes you maybe didn’t even know that exist.

Because of practical work, and learning different techniques and skills to prepare several dishes, we work in small groups of 4-12 participants. Cooking classes are performed in fully equipped cooking cabinet and lecture hall. Price includes work with tutors, all needed ingredients, demonstration and print material. Of course, all dishes you prepare you will be able to taste, thus you won’t leave neither empty handed, nor with empty stomach.

Amateur programs lasting 4 hours, 1 day, every Thursday from 17:00 to 21:00.
Book a Thursday for delicacies from the ŠKMER Cooking Academy!

Amateur members are entitled to 3 courses at their choice (the annual membership fee is 150 EUR (753,45 HRK)  per person).

Membership or a single course purchase is the perfect gift for all those who want to be original and give a memorable experience!

We also offer TEAM BUILDING COOKING. This program is designed for companies which want to develop team spirit among its employees through different activities. Cooking is one of those familiar to many, and ideal as a simulation of professional challenges, as well as for developing of team work. Participants are usually split in smaller groups, and team building is designed to allow everyone’s equal participation in preparing dishes, no matter if they are a beginner, or skilled cook. The whole project is supervised by the professional chef.

Additional info is available on request by phone on +385 (0)99 319 89 61, or via e-mail Also, application for class or classes is available online.

* Price includes: Cooking with professional and award winning chefs in the Culinary Academy, groceries, drinks, all necessary equipment, recipes and consummation of all the meals (all dishes at the completion of the class:))



Amateur Classes
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