ŠKMER Academy is a platform for constant changes of experiences and improvement of skills and knowledge of all professions in the hospitality industry, a place for chefs and caterers who want to improve, as well as for young people who are just starting their professional careers. At the Academy, we organize special educational programs for waiters, bartenders, baristas and pizzaioles.

We offer culinary trainings for teams of bars, tourist boats and family farms, as well as courses for cooking enthusiasts, young people and children, and the elderly. Through the programs, we teach cooking that combines heritage and world trends, healthy foods and economy, what is learned from experience and in the training of our chefs around the world, not only in catering schools and retraining programs.

There are presentation and training kitchens on an area of ​​about two hundred square meters within the Culinary Academy. The cooking cabinet is equipped with top professional devices and is adapted to practical classes. All programs of the Culinary Academy are performed in groups of 4 to 18 participants, depending on whether it is master classes, trainings, workshops, courses, presentations or professional lectures.


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