Following a cycle of regional cooking competitions in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia and Italy ACMER organizes inter-regional competition of chefs from European regions. This competition is a grand finale of all competitions, where the best chef of the year is to be announced. Apart from the competition, gastronomy tours and presentation of local indigenous dishes and products are taking place during the event, as well as different educational projects, cooking shows and entertainment programs.

Participants of regional international cooking competitions are top-class chefs known for following and implementing new gastronomy trends. They are not only competing, but also learn from each other, and exchange experiences. Every competition has different categories in which chefs demonstrate their knowledge and skills, and each category brings points judged by the jury. Eventually, five best chefs from each regional competition qualify for IKKER.

IKKER gathers the top five chefs from each qualifying competition, and winner among them gets a title of the best inter-regional chef. This title is of great importance in a culinary world, and definitely a magnet for all chefs to invest their knowledge and skills in their future.

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