The mega cooking show, uses “mega pot”, is the biggest attraction organized by the Association of chefs from Mediterranean and European Regions. This show attracts a large number of visitors, journalists and makes many events more interesting.

The show is held outdoors or indoors, suitable for city celebrations, fairs, festivals,  promotions, concerts and various other events.

The Association  has two “mega pots”, in the pot can be prepared “live” from 1000 to 5000 portions, while 10 to 15 professional chefs participate in the preparation of  the meals. We can offer rentals of “mega pots” to complete organization of events.

Up to now we held this mega cookin shows:

  • Mega cooking show To Split with Love, since 2005 – Every year, on a day before Christmas, ACMER’s chefs in co-operation with the City of Split and Split-Dalmatian County treats our fellow citizens with traditionally prepared cod fish to celebrate holiday season. More than 5,000 portions are cooked in public in a giant pot, and distribute to citizens.
  • Mega cooking show Festival of Food and Drink, since 2005 – A culinary show held on the occasion of the City of Split Day and city’s patron saint Saint Domnius day. It became a tradition for ACMER’s members to cook more than 5,000 portions of some of the local specialties to be distributed to citizens of Split.
  • Other Mega cooking shows
    Celebration of International Labour Day, May Day; Charity cooking show as part of Humanity and Kindness on a Wine Road project; gastronomy event From Dalmatia to Zagreb; gastronomy event Belgrade Fish Fest; Opening of the Western Riva in Split, etc.

Contact us if you need any advisory help in organization of different events, or you want us to organize your event.

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