HUMMUS DAY 2021 at ŠKMER we marked with Sanine spreads and the original recipe for a shark and hummus nut

By preparing a bender with walnuts, shark meat and hummus, focaccie with peppers stuffed with chickpea spread, Indian naan bread and Russian pancakes blini with ...
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SPLIT GOURMET EXPO: The Pearl of the Sea Finals 2020.

Watch a new video from our Split Gourmet Expo series that has been streamed online. On the final day of the festival, on Friday, December ...
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SPLIT GOURMET EXPO 2020 Waiters School competition …. video

From December 2 to 4, the festival brought together the competition categories of the 15th Pearl of the Sea and the 6th Grand Gourmet, and ...
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SPLIT GOURMET EXPO 2019: Gastro exhibition of the restaurant on the Riva ended with the victory of Brasserie on 7

October 13, 2019, RIVA, Split Split Gourmet Expo – an exhibition of Split restaurants, taverns and hotels was held for the third time, organized by ...
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Competition of waiters, bartenders, baristas, taverns and restaurants – Grand Gourmet 2018

We invite schools, waiters, bartender, barista, taverns and restaurants to participate in the event Grand Gourmet – competition of waiters, bartenders, baristas, taverns and restaurants ...
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Two of London’s star chefs, Francesco Mazzei (45), who runs three successful Italian restaurants, and Tom Aikens (48), a master of modern British cuisine and ...
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