Education, training and consulting for restaurants

We offer training for teams and we are ready to respond to your challenges whether it is a fine dining restaurant, yacht and hotel or bistro, gourmet street food, tourist boat, tavern, family farm.

Let’s create together an offer based on local or wider Mediterranean tradition, culinary trends and a special concept of a unique gastronomic offer. It is about the so-called “TAILOR-MADE” (tailored to the user) programs that we adapt to each facility, team, offer and business concept, all in order to stand out in the market with quality and approach.

Choose training from 3 to 8 days depending on the choice of menu and the concept you want to apply in your facility. The training can be held in your facility or in our professional cooking cabinet (ŠKMER Kuharska Akademija, Jobova 2, Split).


Education, training and consulting for restaurants
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