PEARL OF THE SEA is the largest culinary competition and festival in this part of the Mediterranean and Europe, bringing together top professionals, chefs, and culinary experts from around the world each year on the island of Brač.

The event is organized by the Association of Chefs from Mediterranean and European Regions (ACMER/SKMER). Its founder, Miro Bogdanović, initiated the first Pearl of the Sea in 2006 with the mission of uniting chefs, waiters, mentors, vocational education professors, and students embarking on their culinary careers. Together, they bring their knowledge, skills, competencies, experience, enthusiasm, passion, and respect for colleagues, culture, tradition, and gastronomy.




PEARL OF THE SEA 2023: The Festival and competition that has started a new chapter in the history of gastronomy.

We are all proud to be a part of 18th edition of the Pearl of the Sea. It is the biggest culinary competition and festival in this part of Mediterranean and Europe that year after year brings together great professionals, chefs, and culinary experts from all over the world tothe island of Brač.

The event is organized by the Association of Chefs from Mediterranean and European Regions (ACMER/SKMER). Its founder, Miro Bogdanović, started the first Pearl of the Sea back in 2006 with the mission to host an on-site gathering of chefs, waiters, mentors, vocational teachers, and students who are starting their culinary careers. Altogether, they bring their knowledge, skills, competences, experience, enthusiasm, passion and respect to colleagues, cultures, traditions and gastronomy.

The Pearl of the Sea is an event that accentuates the opportunities within the culinary arts to be different, bold and to make a difference. 
This year’s attendance of the Pearl of the Sea reached new heights:
More than 500 participants from  30 countries. 274 medalls were won, among those 75 gold medals, 113 silver and 85 bronze in all together 22 competing categories. 28 master classes, educations and presentations were held, and the first judging seminar at this festival organised. The event had more than 3.000 visitors. Finally, there were more than 100.000 articles and videos published for this year’s competition.

All competitors, jury members, culinary ambassadors and professionals have put a lot of their personal effort into every single detail of the festival and competition. For this, we are extremely proud, grateful, and it will serve as a great starting point from which to plan next year’s Pearl of the Sea in March 2024.


The hosting hotel recorded more than 500 guests from over 30 countries who stayed in their resort with more than 1500 overnights – a great opening of the new tourist season in Supetar and on the island.

There were 274 medals won in 22 competing categories. More than 1.000 participants took part in 28 master classes and presentations, including the first “Service” judging seminar. This year’s Pearl of the Sea had 32 international professional jury members and 120 guest jurors.

The event brought in over 3.000 visitors. On social media, the posts and announcements received more than 100.000 likes, followers, and subscribers.

Participants came from Albania, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Malta, Mauritius, Montenegro, Netherlands, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Lastly, we are excited for the Pearl of the Sea overall winner Petar Vlak from Split. Not only is he a great professional, but he is constantly involved in chefs’ trainings, always finding new challenges and classes to improve his knowledge and skills. His dedication paid off, proving that hard work and proper training ensure new competences and make new professional achievements and excellence possible.  

Below, see our daily reports and a rich photo gallery.

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