Regional Competence Center (RCK)

ŠKMER is one of the main partners in the Regional Center of Competence (RCK) for Hospitality and Tourism in Split, the project is supported by the Tourism and Catering School in Split and financed by the EU from the European Social Fund (UP. and partly by the Republic of Croatia through its institutions.

RCK has a task until 2023. year to introduce a new approach to education and improvement of human resources in tourism and hospitality in Croatia according to the real needs of employers.

The main task of educators at the ŠKMER Academy is to conduct specialized training for hospitality school teachers and to prepare students (how are educated for the occupations of chefs, waiters, bartender and pastry chefs ) for participation in national and international competitions.

The Culinary module I for chefs teachers was on the topic of “Culinary Techniques”, part of the program related to advanced techniques of processing, utilization, preparation and presentation of white fish of the Adriatic Sea. The goal was to make the most of all parts of the fish, applying methods and techniques from the simple to the most complex. An integral part of the education was the preparation of complete dishes with contributions according to nutrition, gastronomic and economic aspects.

Through this project, we want to educate teachers in order to bring the demands of the labor market as realistically as possible to the students. It is commendable that teachers are educated, and this will also acquires the conditions for a teacher to advance to the profession of mentor and advisor. Thus, with such trainings teachers earn points for further advancement.

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