Grand Gourmet 2023 PROGRAM


TUESDAY, November 14, 2023.
16:00 – 19:00Judge Seminar for Culinary Competition Judges
20:30Official Opening of the 9th Grand Gourmet, Archaeological Monuments Museum, Split
WEDNESDAY, November 15, 2023.
09:00 – 13:00Judge Seminar for Culinary Competition Judges
11:00 – 18:00Waiters Competition

Chef’s Table Competition

13:00Master Class: Development of Gastronomic Brands, Karin Mimica
13:00 – 18:00Synchronized Service Competition – Waiters team competition
15:00Master Class: Dalmatian Prosciutto Cutting Academy, Stevo Karapandža and Mate Lukin
17:00Master Class: Pairing Dalmatian Prosciutto and Wine, Mate Lukin and Damir Zrno
18:00Master Class: The perfect cocktail – Creating a balanced cocktail through four elements, Dario Grabarić
19:00Awards ceremony
THURSDAY, November 16, 2023.
10:00Master Class: Pairing Golden Olive Oils, Pjero Zekan
11:00 – 18:00Chef’s Table Competition
Bartender Competition in Short Drink and Synchronized Cocktail categories
11:30Think Tank: Involving Local Communities in Hospitality and Branding Tourist Destinations as Seasonal or Year-round Gastronomic Destinations, Ivan Cvitanić
13:00Waiters Competition
13:00Master Class: Wine Journey and Pairing with Traditional Fish Preparation Methods, Damir Zrno and John Wulff
15:00Workshop: Coffees and Herbs, Tomislav Stančić
16:00 – 19:00Judge Seminar for Barista Competition Judges
17:00Workshop: Making of craft Gin inspired by authentic Dalmatia, Jelena Majić Nosić
FRIDAY, November 17, 2023.
10:00 – 13:00Judge Seminar for Barista Competition Judges
10:00Exceptional dining experience: Mr. Waiter, Mario Pavić
11:00 – 18:00Chef’s table competition
13:00 – 18:00Barista competition
13:00Wine Pairing with Desserts, Ivana Bradarić and Damir Zrno
14:30His Majesty Whiskey, Nikola Merdović and Rajko Mijač
16:00Potential of seasonal ingredients in cocktail making, Tomislav Biluš
17:00Deconstruction of Cocktails with kitchen Ingredients, Josip Mikulić
18:00Welcome to The Singleton, Teja Lovrenščak
20:00Awards ceremony


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