Gastro competition exhibitions are organized with the cause of raising the quality of the catering offer and competition. The project began 2007th year on the area of Dalmatia and later it spread to cities all over the area of the Republic of Croatia.

The wish is to encourage all participants-caterers to raise the number of autochthonous meals with an emphasis on local autochthonous cuisine and to get actively involved in improving the quality of catering services as one of the most important segments of the tourist offer and thus contribute to the development of Croatia as a high quality tourist destination .


Each of the participants in their establishment has to prepare selected dishes that must be in accordance with Croatian / Dalmatian / Split authentic cuisine and in accordance with the restaurants offer.

The exhibition participants compete in the three categories: cold dishes, hot dishes and desserts.

At the city Split waterfront will be set up a large table where they will be exposed there dishes. Dishes must be exposed on trays, plates, hot bath or stand, depending on the meal. Each exhibition meal must contain 10 servings and should be labelled about its name and location of the catering facility, and the name of the chef or cook who made the dish. The organizer makes inscriptions. All competitors will receive a Diploma for participating, winners of the first three places in all categories will receive medals while the overall winners of the first three places receive cups. The restaurant that wins first place in the overall gets a specially designed board “SPLIT GOURMET EXPO” and an attractive prize.

Jury of prominent Croatian and international chefs and food experts will judge following:
– taste
– presentation
– creativity in re-interpretation of traditional cuisine


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