Day of park Marjan 2018 – Stew with five kinds of meat ‘ disappeared ‘ in 15 minutes

With the occasional program in the amphitheatre near the zoo on Marjan, was marked by the day of park Marjan, the last manifestation from the program of this year’s Feast of St. Dujma.

The Program was diverse and intended for different groups of visitors. ŠKMER Chefs prepared for all visitors 700 portions of stew with 5 different types of meat… There’s beef, veal, pork, lamb and chicken, prosciutto bone, spring vegetables, more than 100 pounds. -said chef Zeljko Neven Bremec, while watching the townspeople return for more.

In preparing and sharing food, the ŠKMER chefs were helped b volunteers from the Tourist-catering school Split, the School for graphics, design and sustainable construction and V. gymnasium Vladimir Nazor.

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